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Offers shrimp

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Petite annonce Gastronomie - photo no. 2
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Petite annonce Gastronomie - photo no. 2

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From the four corners of the world, our shrimp travel in special containers where the temperature is maintained at -18 ° c. They landed at the Port of coast a few kilometers from the plant baking sawa Fishermen (Douala).
Upon receipt, our shrimp are subject to stringent quality control and are oriented toward our lines of cooking. Our industrial cooking process begins with a rapid thawing and mastered the material, then it is cooking. The recipes are adapted according to the sizes and origins.
We offer packages tailored to your needs: either 2 kg polystyrene box with ice, with a shelf life of 6 days, or in plastic trays packed in a protective atmosphere, with a shelf life of 9 days.
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